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Friday, March 28, 2014

Squeaking One In

Yesterday morning it was 25 degrees as I walked the hood.  My face was stinging by the time I'd completed my 3 mile hike. 

"Goodbye Winter."  I said to SM as I entered the house. 

"Isn't it freezing out?"  SM asked, confused.

"Oh yeah.  Wanna kiss?"  I asked, offering up my red, frozen face.

"I'll pass."  SM said.  "So why Goodbye Winter?"

"Cause this should be the last frozen morning from here on out." I crowed.  "If you can believe the long term weather forecast that is."  I amended.

"Call me a fool, but I believe it."  I continued.  "Lows above freezing from now on.  Heck, our last freeze date is April 15th.  That's only two weeks away!"

I have today off from work. 
My onion starts came in yesterdays mail.
The daylily bulbs are still on the table.
My spring seeds are in their packets.

It's supposed to rain here for the next two days.  But I might be able to squeak one in and get all this stuff planted before it rains this morning. 

Yeah Me!


  1. Ha! I said the exact same thing to my DH yesterday evening. This is the last day of cold, I demand it! Raining here for the next two days as well but I will be in the greenhouse doing some transplanting and listening to the rain on the roof.


  2. Happy planting! Can't wait to see your garden this year!