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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Our internet has been cutting in and out this week for some reason.  SM suspects it might be our 10 year old router.  But then he checks it and it seems to be fine so then he thinks it might be the TWC Roadrunner connection.

So he called TWC and they're sending out "The Dude" to check it later today so we can figure out how to proceed.

The reason I bring this up is because we also have an internet phone system.  


Have you heard of it?  I hadn't and was very skeptical about it when SM bought it last year. 

Yes.  It's been over a year that we've been using Ooma and I guess it never occurred to me to mention it to you because I actually forgot all about it. 

I pick up the phone and I have service.  Good service.  Good quality on both ends too.

Buy an Ooma if you want to have a house phone. 

(*Longtime readers will know that while SM has a cell phone, I do not.  I don't feel I need one.  Yes, I know, what century am I living in?)

Ooma solves my need for a house phone and it's cheap. 

As in SM only pays taxes on the calls we make. 
Which is about $6 a month.
That's right. 
$6 Bucks. 

I can make all the local or long distance calls I want. 
We just pay taxes. 

Now you do have to actually buy the Ooma box which sells for about $150.  The sound quality is there.  You can port your existing phone number if you want for a fee (we didn't).

I highly recommend Ooma for anyone who wants a house phone.  All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Reliable being the operative word. 

(*Yes.  I actually did pick up the phone last night to call SM to let him know the internet was out.  Duh.)


  1. Oh, how I wish we could get something like that. Unfortunately there is only ONE internet provider here, which is also the phone provider. And in order to get their horribly slow & somewhat unreliable internet, we have to have their phone. Local calls only, at that, or pay another fee for long distance. Uhm, no thanks, I'll use my cell phone......if I can get any reception while sitting outside on the front lawn while wrapping my head in aluminum foil to increase the crappy reception.

  2. Another use for tinfoil! @;)