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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Fever

Spring has finally come to the Piedmont.  It feels almost like a combination of March with windy, windy days and then you have warm, gorgeous days like yesterday and today.  True April weather.

The strawberries and apple trees are starting to blossom.

I was so excited to finally have a nice weekend that I swung by the nursery on the way home from work Friday and blew a wad on a trunkful of annual flowers.  Just goes to show you how giddy I am now that Winter is finally gone.

Give me color.  Everywhere.  I'm starving for it. 

I spent the better part of Saturday morning pulling weeds and tidying up the front yard.  Everyone was out and about cleaning up and mowing. 

SM tried to mow our lawn the other day but the engine made a loud BANG noise and quit suddenly. 

Uh Oh. 

First mow of the season and we're dead in the water already.  SM called around to see if anyone could take a look at it but most of the engine repair guys are backed up a couple of weeks.  Sounds like we're not the only ones with Tall grass

So SM went out yesterday and got a temporary push mower that he'll sell after the riding mower is fixed.  It's always something isn't it?  Still cheaper than a lawn service. 

Which makes me wonder if they still make those old fashioned spinner push mowers.  I remember using one as a kid.

I poked around the internet and found that you can still buy them at Target of all places.  They're called Reel Mowers. 


Does anyone think I could talk SM into giving up the riding mower in favor of one of these babies?  It would give you a great work out, no doubt about it!

So what trouble are you getting yourself into this gorgeous Spring weekend?


  1. We had the same problem with our tractor last year, and I couldn't get our other mower started. Its been a long time since I used a 'push' mower, and hope it'll work until you get your other one fixed. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

    1. SM said that it wasn't too bad. Of course it was only 80. Once temps hit 90 or more than the riding mower is a blessing for sure.

  2. I love those reel mowers! Not to use of course, just for the nostalgia. Enjoy your new blooms!