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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tulips Together

Nothing says Easter and spring time to me more than tulips.  Look at those pretty Easter colors!

And every time I say "tulips" I think of a hand-clapping song that we used to sing as kids...Something like "Two lips together, twilight in heaven, bringing my love to you." 

Or something like that.

I also remember "Say, Say Oh playmate, come out and play with me..." But I can't remember the rest of the song.

Regardless...Happy Spring Everyone.  It's finally here in the Piedmont!

Go out and play!


  1. My, aren't they gorgeous! So jealous of having tulips. Too hot to grow them here! Enjoy!

  2. Say, say, oh playmate,
    Come out and play with me.
    Bring out your dollies three.
    Climb up my apple tree.
    Slide down my rainbow
    Into my cellar door.
    And we'll be jolly friends
    Forevermore, one two three four!

    Beautiful Tulips!!! Mine are all gone...bloomed in January and February...now it's roses and more roses!

  3. They look very much like ours. After the winter we've had, it's really great to see them!

  4. I thought the first line was "oh little playmate" and it's funny, but where you have rainbow, we used to say rain barrel which makes absolutely no sense! Oh, and we used the last line of "forever more, more, more!" Isn't if funny what kids will mangle songs into?