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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Month Behind

My theory that we're a full month behind in the garden continues.  Yesterday I picked our first strawberries.

This is as late as I've ever seen strawberry picking here in the South.  Last year it was an early season and there wasn't a berry to be found by Easter.  This year we'll be having strawberry shortcake for Memorial Day weekend. 

Go figure.

I'll be out today picking an even bigger bowl.  Oh Yum.

Our peas are just starting to bloom.  Usually they're done by now.  We'll see if we actually get anything.  Once the heat comes on the peas die back quick.

Fortunately, everything I direct sowed has come up.  Flowers, Squash and Beans galore! 

We even have a bumper crop of weeds @;)


  1. Whoo-hoo! Look at them berries! Enjoy it all!

  2. We're a month behind up north. It's sort of nice to hear you southerners are feeling it too.

  3. Same odd weather in northern Virginia. Lettuces and spinach are just now going gang busters. Beans are still only a few inches high. The only herb that I had survive the cold winter was my chives so I hit the nursery before mother's day. We've had so much rain, four inches on Thursday, that I haven't gotten them in the ground yet! Everything is still drying out.

    Why is it that the poison ivy still survives?! ...and I got it again. We are going to try to smother it with cardboard this year but again, the rain has delayed things.

  4. We are pretty far behind in Boston too, but I think we have caught up a bit over the last couple of weeks. I sure hope so or the timing of my rotations will be off. Earlier we were two weeks behind, but the lilacs are in full bloom right now, which usually happens on Mother's Day which would imply that we caught up by a week. I can hope.

  5. Oh, yeah. We are way behind. My strawberry crop will be delayed, as we had frost last night and it zapped the blossoms. Sigh. I will live vicariously through yours.