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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Arrested Development.

Guess who's back?

Yep...SM's twin brother...Chuck (The Yard Bitch) is back. 

I asked SM what he thought of Chuck. 

"He looks like he's getting frisked by the cops."  SM said.

So I went out and made one of his legs straight.

"How's he look now?"  I asked the critic.

"He looks like he just finished a spin on the ice at the Olympics.  You know.  Ta-Da!"  He says waving his hands in the air, laughing.

"Geez."  I said exasperated.  "Do I need to bend his leg like he's out there having a smoke?"

"Nah.  Just stick a beer can in his hand.  That'll make it all better."

"Yeah?  Well you better get busy and suck one down so I can stick the can in his hand."

"Now that I can do.  Go get me one would ya?"

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  1. Love it. Does Chuck really keep out the critters? Even if he doesn't, Chuck is a great addition.

  2. Chuck dresses in nicer clothes than I do!

    P.S. I like his first pose: "Come on all you flying varmints! I'm ready to take ya on!"

  3. Chuck looks pretty convincing to me. :)
    Our Georgia is wearing a purple evening gown and beads. She's the best-dressed scarecrow in our community, in my humble opinion.

  4. Maybe the critters will end up in the beer! Welcome back, Chuck.