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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Back Porch Thoughts

SM and I have been considering what to do about our back porch deck. 

It's made of wood and (of course) the wood splits after a few years of being exposed to our harsh southern sun.  The portions that stay in the shade of the awning are still in good shape but the ends, where the sun hits it are spilt and cracked.  They were so bad that I was afraid of tripping over them when going down the stairs.

So SM cut a few of the particularly bad pieces out last week and replaced them for the time being until we decide what to do.  Or should I say "Until he decides what to do."

Trex is twice the price of wood and (from what we understand) will still fade in the sun.  We're looking at the "beach gray" just from the point of view that it's the lightest and won't show the fade as much.  But then we waffle and think we'll just stick with the wood. 

If anybody out there has experience with Trex, toss out our thoughts please.

While SM is busy thinking about the actual deck, I've been thinking about the furniture.  Patio furniture is ridiculously expensive.  I just don't get it.  Well, actually I do get it.  Why not charge the consumer a ridiculous amount if you can get away with it.  Patio furniture only lasts so long and cushions have an even shorter life span. 

So me being me, I started to think outside the box and went to the IKEA store in Charlotte.  IKEA stuff usually wouldn't be on my radar.  At least not for the inside of my house.  It's too modern.  But as I walked around considering, I came across the Poang chair and sat down in it. 

Very comfortable.  It's available in several color options for both frames and cushions.  You can get it with a footstool or even buy it as a rocking chair.

I decided to try it with the footstool.  I put it together easily enough while SM looked on skeptically.

SM tends to like to sit on the swing but went out and plopped himself down in the Poang and liked the comfort too.  It's not a chair you would use for sitting at a table to eat a meal, it's more for relaxation and lounging but I thought for $150 total it wasn't a bad option at all.  I think I'll buy it as a rocker once the deck is finished.

We're also going to rebuild the "privacy wall" and use the Super Solar Shield screening fabric to give us some airflow, shade and block the view of the neighbors.

We'll see how it all goes.  And how long it all takes @;)


  1. Sounds like an ambitious plan! Can't wait to see it come together.

  2. My daughter has the Trex up at her Lake House and loves it...we have a redwood deck here at the house that we're pulling off and pouring a cement/tile patio and outdoor kitchen. I've had the deck for over 20 years and never really cared for it...but I love a poured patio. Good luck with your project...it will be wonderful whatever you decide. I too use IKEA as my go-to outdoor furniture choice!

  3. Years ago I looked at the Trex decking but some some reason I remember the supporting joist boards had to be spaced closer together that 24". It may be different now. The stuff always looked like it would be real hot in the sun too, but again I never messed with it. Don't tell Amy you went to IKEA.

  4. We have lawn chairs made out of Trex and they generate a TON of static electricity. Not so much now that they have a light layer of outside dirt on them, but brand new.... WoW! You had to ground yourself and prepare for the Zap. When I mentioned it to my Dad (who is a carpenter) he said "you ought to try walking across a Trex Deck!"

  5. Well I don't have personal experience with trex except I burnt my feet on it at a friend's. But it wasn't covered either.

    Love the fabric for that chair!

  6. You might Google Trex to see all the legal wrangling involved. It may please some folks, but wood is probably a better choice.