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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dawns Early Light

The dogs got me up around my usual time of 4ish today. 

I stumbled to the kitchen for puppy "Snackies!!!" and a quick "Go potty!"  

I even managed to prep SM's coffee pot for his eventual required consumption of three cups before I decided "It's just too freaken early!" and I collapsed into the recliner for what I thought would be a quick snooze.

Two hours later, I sat up blinking to bright sunshine streaming through the blinds and three sets of accusing puppy eyes clustered around the recliner. 

Granted their tails were wagging but I expect their thoughts were something along the lines of "If she doesn't wake up soon we're going to start chewing on her ankles."

"OK, OK"  

I hooked up the crew for a very bleery walkabout and noticed things about our neighborhood that I never see walking in the dark.  Things like fencing and deck projects, front yard floral beautification...Stuff like that.

Afterwards, I wandered our backyard considering my own weekend list of "to-do's." 

Many folks around here go to the Races or run to the beach for Memorial weekend but we decided it was going to be just too freaken gorgeous around here to run away.

Sunshine and barely 80 degrees is a perfect combination to veg out at home.
I hope your holiday weekend is a nice as ours is gonna be!

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  1. Enjoy it! The summer heat has hit and we are stuck in the house with the A/C!