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Friday, May 2, 2014

Prepping Before Planting

At this point in the gardening season, I feel like we're a month behind. 

The spring veggies I planted last month are still small.  Carrots and peas are barely above ground.

We might get to pick leaf lettuce this weekend for salads though.

The strawberries survived the frost but are a few weeks away from cranking out their yummy goodness.  Last year the local stands were closed by Easter so we are very late this year.

We didn't get the predicted rains this week but the weather has remained very pleasantly in the 70's.  So I've been weeding and raking and yoinking weeds and in general eyeballing the state of the in-ground beds.  Still fairly damp and cool soil. 

As an experiment, I planted some summer squash in the ground 2 weeks ago.  It took a week for them to emerge and they are getting their first leaves now.

The most disturbing thing though is the grass seed that blew into last years garden has germinated.  My beds look greener than my lawn.  (sigh)

SM suggested tilling.  I told him "No".  That maybe I could just rake it up.  So that's what I tried to do yesterday.  But there are just too many of them.  So I told SM that he needed to make time this weekend to till. 

Next weekend (if you can believe it) is forecasted to be in the 90's.  There's no way I'm planting a garden in 90 degree heat and if I wait till MID MAY, that would be the latest that we'd ever planted a summer garden.  By the time July hits, the heat has killed off everything except the tomatoes so we both feel it's now or never.

So here we go...Crunch Time! 


  1. Sorry you missed the rain. We got swamped up here!

  2. We've also had two solid days of rain. We need it. Our lettuce is gone, but we're starting two varieties that are supposed to be heat tolerant. Let me know if you want some seeds. The weather is just so unpredictable, it's hard to know what to plant when. A gardener's plight ain't easy. Enjoy your digging!

  3. Love the Horny Toad in the Header....;)