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Monday, May 26, 2014


I shop at Walmart a lot.  

In our area, they are the only "low-cost" store around.  I do still shop the other stores, but only when something I want is on sale.

Same thing with nursery's.  I try to shop around when I'm looking for a plant but (in general) purchasing from a nursery provides you with a much better plant for the money. 

Every Spring, Walmart sets aside a section of it's parking lot for plants.  With the Spring planting season winding down, now is a good time to start eyeballing the leftovers.

I mentioned this to SM as we stood looking at all the plant offerings at Lowe's Home Improvement yesterday. We had stopped there to check prices on deck materials and I was curious to see if they were offering any discounted plants.


So we swung by Walmart and as we strolled the aisles, I spotted the red "Reduced" stickers on some of the stressed batches of perennials.

50% off is right up my alley.  SM wanted to pick up some other plants that weren't on sale but I told him to hold off for now.

"Wait another week.  If these don't move soon, they'll reduce those too."

So if you're wondering what $30 can buy you, take a peak.

The most expensive plant was the Peony's for $5 and the least expensive were $1.73 for what SM describes as the "fuzzy daisies."

All in all, a nice batch of flowering plants to add to the front flower beds.

Do you think my supervisors approve?


  1. More than likely your supervisors want to get out, flop on their backs and squiggle around on that freshly done flower bed! Your spring planting season is winding down and ours is just getting started.

  2. I cannot pass a half-price plant sale without picking something up!