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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thor Comes To Town

SM and I have talked about putting a hard-top roof on our back porch for years.

YEARS, I tell ya! 

Even with the awning, it gets awfully hot back there. 

So SM has been trying over the past few months to get a contractor to come out and give it a "look see" and estimate a price for us.

No one ever shows up. 
I personally think they only want to come out for the BIG jobs so they don't bother with folks like us.

Anyway, about a month ago, SM was complaining to his older brother Vince (who just happens to be a contractor in south Florida)...

"You contractors are all alike.  I called three of them to come out and give me an estimate..."  SM begins.

"And none of them showed up, right?"  Vince concludes, laughing.

Low and behold, out of the blue, SM gets a phone call from Vince this past weekend.

"How about I come up this week and we kick this out?"

(Insert the sound of angels singing)

So Memorial Day morning, SM and I got busy and took the awning down.  We thought that would be a half day effort.  Turns out we had that sucker down in just over an hour.

Wow.  Wide open vistas.

And HOT.  Man, did those deck boards get toasty quick.

"Now I remember why we put the awning up to begin with."  SM said, wiping his brow.

"Gosh!  I can't believe it's happening!"  I said.  "Chuck and Thor are going to kick-ass this weekend!  I can't wait!"  I crowed.

"Thor?"  SM asked.

"Yeah.  If you can be Chuck (The Yard Bitch) than Vince can be Thor (The Hammer God)."  I explained.  "He kinda looks like him too."

(Personally, I think Chuck is kind of miffed that he gets tagged as a Yard Bitch and doesn't have the cool cred factor Thor has.)

Sorry Chuck ! 


  1. Can't wait to see it! How ya gonna celebrate? ;0D

  2. Eager to see the "after" pictures! How to celebrate? Either a cooler of beer or some other glasses of cool summer refreshment raised to Chuck and Thor!