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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Large Target

Work on the deck continues. 

Watching Thor and Chuck frame the roof up gives me the willies though. 

It's not a thing with heights.  You can put me up on a 12 foot ladder to paint the house (which I have done and will do again) and I'm just fine.

I think it's watching them do the "balance beam" walk that makes my anxiety pop.  I've seen construction guys do the two ladders with a beam between (to act as a scaffold).  I think it's just watching people I care about do it.

Now that makes me uncomfortable.

So while the guys continues their gymnastics, I find other things to do. 

Like hide in the house.

But this morning was just too beautiful not to be outside so I thought I'd do some weeding.  We've had a TON of rain week and all the plants in the garden doubled in size.

Including the weeds.

Since all the bugs find me so yummy, I geared up with my long yoga pants, long work out shirt and ball cap.

I also attached a dryer sheet to my backside which SM thought was hilarious.

I've read about this trick before but have never personally tried it.

SM asked if it worked and so far it has. 

After all, "Sweetmeat" is a large target out there in the jungle, my friends @;)


  1. I don't see a "large target" at all, but I do see one smart lady. I don't even use dryer sheets but I may buy some just to see if they work on keeping our Minnesota biting bugs away!!

    Hope you're taking in progress pictures of the roof job.

  2. Dryer sheets do work! They work for mice, too. I tuck them here and there up at the cabin...and you my dear are NOT a large target!

  3. What a brilliant idea! Another great use for duct tape! I will have to try it. Insects love me. The feeling is not mutual.

  4. I hope you're going to give us an update on whether this continued to work. I'm in the usual summer covered-in-tick-bites time and I'm ready for any idea that can prevent that, hilarious or not. :)

    1. Don't know about ticks, Bill. I only see one or two a year on one of the dogs. I think the true test will be with the mosquitos and I haven't seen any of them yet.

    2. Does it matter if you use scented or unscented dryer sheets? I'm willing to try this if it works. The gnats drive me nuts especially when you get sweaty. I can't believe you haven't had any mosquitos yet. I'm in VA and I've seen and felt them!

      Also, I hate the loud noises. Those compressor nailers are the pits and the cats hide under the beds. I personally think loud noises are a guy thing!