"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Something To Bark At

I've always been a person who has been fascinated by what makes people tick. 

Why do we do what we do.

I've done personality tests. 

So has SM.

The priest who married us had us do psych testing during our Pre Cana classes with him.  (He had majored in Psychology.) 

I remember it was a huge questionnaire that he asked us to do twice.  Once, answering for ourselves and then once again, answering for how we thought our intended spouse would respond.

The next time we met up with him, he had graphed the results of our testing onto one page.  He held it up and on the graph were two lines.

One was straight down the middle.

The other line zigged-zagged down the page like an EKG.

He smiled at both of us, looked pointedly at SM and said "You'll never be bored."

(That's one of my favorite stories.)

So while I might be a bit of a zig-zag in my life, SM has always been my anchor, pulling me back to normal. 

As the years have gone by though it almost seems that we've rubbed off on each other, SM zigging every now and then while I get to reel him back in to the calm waters around me.

I've also enjoyed reading up on western and eastern astrology. I've found that eastern astrology, you know...the Chinese placemat stuff...describes us a bit better.

I am a Taurus/Tiger
I'm a bull who likes her fenced-in yard. 
I'm a cat hiding in the tall grasses (or weeds) watching the world go by waiting to pounce. 

Just don't piss me off. 
You'll either get a horn up the backside or a severe mauling.

SM is a Scorpio/Dog

What you see is what you get with him.  He's wide open and lays it on the line. 

Feed him. 
Pet him.
Keep him entertained and he's a happy camper.

The dog in his personality hates dishonesty though. 
Hates it.

Nothing (and I do mean nothing) pisses off this dog more than dishonest practices. 

Do not lie to SM.
Do not go back on your word.

SM will never, EVER forget a wrong. 

He will work on that bone until you hide it. 
Or distract him with something else.

When a Scorpio Dog barks and is grumpy it will usually be when he or she is overtired. They rarely bite but if they are emotionally hurt or rejected they can be rather nasty in their responses. These Scorpio's do not like deception and often take it really badly if they did not spot the signs. They are not very forgiving and will rarely give anyone a second chance.

Direct TV has made SM's enemy list. 

Yes...SM has an enemy's list.

Who's on the list?  Lets see...

Time Warner Cable.
Bank Of America.
Lowes Home Improvement...just to name a few.

And now Direct TV.

We have DTV mostly because (like most men) SM is into sports.  Cutting the "payTV" cord is easy to do.  We've done it before.  But we always go back because SM likes the sport channels that "payTV" offers. 

ESPN has got the men of America by the balls, my friends. 
If you like your sports then you will pay for it.

Anyway, DTV has made the list because SM says they promised to keep his rates at $65 a month for his two year contract.  He recently received a letter stating that our rates are going up by $34 to a new $99 a month fee.

SM has gone round and round with them to no avail. 
"Do you have it in writing?"  I asked, referring to the $65 quote.
"No.  It was a verbal quote."  SM tells me.
"Then you don't have a leg to stand on."  I told him logically.  "Pay the bill."

I tell SM it's no big deal. 

If we need a splurge item than it's OK to spend the money on DTV so he has his sports.  It's not like we go out to dinner or the movies or have expensive hobbies. 

I'm cool with it.

But SM will not be swayed. 
It's the principal of the thing. 
They told him one thing and now they are going back on it.

SM is now on a mission to dump DTV. 
He's investigating all sorts of options. 
I'm fine with whatever he decides to do.

You Go, Baby...

Just so long as you're not barking at me...@;)


  1. I am a Capricorn/Dragon. I don't think there is ANY combination compatible with that...

  2. I don't blame him one bit. Onward and upward...