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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The GREAT Room

As I write this, our deck project is about halfway finished.  That's not a bad thing.  The most important part of this, the hardtop roof, is very close to being finished. 

The boys worked from sun up to sun down each day but we lost a day when they discovered that the concrete (that came with the lumber delivery) was not the quick set kind that they had asked for.  I guess the dude who pulled the order tossed in the wrong kind. 

Vince and SM had already mixed and poured it and then stood back waiting for it to firm up. 

Nothing.  Well, crap! 

So we lost Friday as a full workday. 

Both Saturday and Sunday was spent framing up the roof. 

SM and I had decided that bigger is better and wanted the deck expanded an additional 7' from it's original length.  But only if Vince thought that was doable.  You see, the fireplace narrows usable deck space and I really wanted to have a nice seating area that several people could use at one time.   

Vince thought that was a good idea so (from corner to corner) the new deck/roof area would be 12' wide and 30' long. 


Monday we started adding the tongue and groove roof that Vince had suggested.  It's quite lovely with the bead side down.  I like it so much that I will likely finish it with a clear coat rather than stain it.  We'll see.

I had Monday off so spent the day leaning the boards against the roof line for the guys to grab.   (Can you see how excited I am?) 

BTW, I tossed a light cotton tank under my hat that hung down to cover the base of my neck.  I've seen construction guys do this.  I was surprised how much cooler I felt.  Plus it grabbed the sweat off my forehead.

As hard as they worked, we still ran out of time.  We didn't get to roll out the roof materials before Vince had to leave to drive back to South Florida as he had another job lined up.  Plus SM and I had to get back to our jobs too.

I told Vince before he left that there is really no way I can thank him enough.  This is just THE BEST GIFT we have ever gotten. 

I know it's what Vince does for a living but as SM and I stand under the new roof and look up we are just in awe of Vince's skills, craftsmanship and the speed in which he got this up.


We NEVER could have done this on our own!!!! 

I've started to call this our Great Room. 

Our favorite place in the world.

"Thanks again Vince!"

Since we are in the summer pattern of pop up thunderstorms, SM went ahead and tarped the roof in case of rain.  Now SM doesn't want me up on the roof (Thank Goodness) but SM plans on rolling out the roof underlayment and asphalt today.  

I'm on post-ops this morning so I won't get back till close to noon.  SM says no problem.  He feels that this job in on him and that there's not much I can do to help him anyway.

After we get the roof finished, SM and I still have lots to do to complete this project. 

We will need to frame the deck expansion since the guys didn't get the chance. 

And then replace the deck boards.

And then build the stairs.

And a privacy wall.

Hm.  This could take a few weekends.  Be prepared for more "deck posts" in the future.  @;)


  1. That looks great. Would love to see more pictures.

  2. That looks like it's going to be awesome! GREAT room, indeed!

  3. What a project! But what a nice remodeled addition it's going to be for you. Please tell SM not to fall off the roof while you're not there to pick him up. That's one of our rules around here . . . no (potentially) dangerous jobs when both of us aren't home.

    Bring on as many pictures as you want. They'll be great to see!

  4. Very exciting! Y'all will get so many years of use out of that deck. Can't wait to see each step of the way!