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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Yard In My Garden

I have a mental image of how I want my garden to look. 

Kinda like a picture in a magazine.

Defined pathways. 
Crisp edges.
Healthy vegetation.

No weeds of course. 

That's the image I have in my head at least.

The reality is (of course) quite different.  Working outside of the home absorbs most of my MoJo during the week so the garden doesn't get that much attention.  I pick what needs picking of course but leave the big maintenance stuff for the weekends. 

If I have time that is. 

This year I noticed that I have a yard growing in my garden. 

The yard in my garden is actually nicer than the yard in my yard.

Grass grows lush and thick in my garden.  Weeds abound, sprouting vigorously after each rain storm like manna from heaven.

As a weekend gardener for the most part, I acknowledge that the day will soon come where I'll need a weed-wacker to harvest my vegetable bounty.

I lamented this fact to SM the other day and Chuck (my Yard-Bitch) must've overheard.

Like elves at Christmas-time, someone went out to the garden and pulled a bunch of grass and weeds as a surprise for me.


Thanks Boys!  Now I might be able to pick the green beans when they come in!


  1. I can so relate to this, and I'm okay with it being that way. I remember the first year we lived in our current house, my flower gardens were beautiful and well kept. But as life and schedules have gotten chaotic so has my garden. Someday though!!

    Hope you are doing well, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I spent most of my time maintaining my paths... then my Yard-Bitch took over and built raised beds. Yay! Now I can garden in good clothes. I'm not saying weeds don't grow in my paths. But they grow by the dozen not the millions

  3. Will SM and Chuck be available should I need them this summer??