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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Copras Are In

I was out the other morning doing my garden walkabout when I noticed that the onions were flopping over.

I wandered over to pull one out to see what was up.

I next thing I knew I was yoinking onions out and piling them up. 
A great big pile of onions. 

(Funny how I can get distracted...)

Thankfully the day promised to be hot and breezy with no rain in sight so I went and hung them up along the fence line taking care to cover them with the leaves to protect them while they dried out a bit.

The next day I set up the screen door (that we never installed).  It's perfect for drying the onions.  I transferred the onions onto the screen and left the shed doors open for a few days.

They'll hang out in there for about a month as they slowly dry.

This is my second year with Copras.  I've grown sweet onions and torpedo onions.  Copras are perfect for us.  Not too big.  And they store well in the garage over winter.

And that's my onion crop for the year!


  1. Your onions look great. I have never had much success growing them in Southern Ohio.

  2. Ooooh, they look fantastic! I'm gonna give those a go. Did you get the sets locally or from a catalog?

  3. What beauties! And I love the way you hang them over the fence for their initial drying.

  4. Great looking onions. I can't keep my wife from wanting to pull ours up. They're not over yet so she'll have to wait.

  5. I love copras too. I have half my onions planted in that variety. I could probably use to have 2/3 of it planted in that. But I do like red onions too and sweet onions. And I wish I had your space to dry my onions. In the past I've dried them in the guest room or the dining room. I'm wondering if I can make something to go over the compost pile to dry them there. It really is the only empty spot if I don't want to bring them inside.

  6. Boy what a pretty sight! :-) I'm always a little impatient with mine.

  7. Wonderful harvest! They came out very nicely uniformed and very nice size.

  8. Great use of your picket fence~ and very nice harvest. I just pulled my garlic and have it hanging in the barn. Onions are next...