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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Enjoying The Polar Vortex

I came home from work the other day and took the pups outside.

The "Summer Polar Vortex" that everyone is talking about is here too but all it's done is lower the humidity and heat by a few degrees.

It's still hot.

We found a shady spot and sat in the grass while I tried to take pictures.

As soon as I try, all I get are "butt-shots".  Why do they do that? 

Eventually the dogs start to ignore me and I manage to get some good shots.

They get to sniffing and rolling...

And running...

And panting.

Lots of panting.

And when the human starts to pant, it's time to go inside. 

Thank goodness for the "Polar Vortex" inside my house. @;)


  1. Well, that's disappointing. We actually got rain! (Happy dance) after 2 months of virtually none. I'm so relieved. Your pups all look extremely happy! That's at least one thing.

  2. Healthy, happy dogs!
    No Summer Polar Vortex here . . . wouldn't ya know, when other parts of the country cool off, we're finally getting some heat! But we're not complaining. My one, lonely cherry tomato plant that has survived has blossoms on it now!

    Fun to see the pup pictures.