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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Nah.

Sometimes finding an interesting topic to post about can be a bit of a challenge.

The past few days have assumed a "rinse-repeat" pattern that, while comforting in it's repetition, leaves something to be desired in the excitement department.

I go out and weed every morning while SM gets caffeinated. 

Weeds Everywhere!

We had a nice soaking rain from Arthur that has allowed me to yoink the weeds out of the ground quite easily. 

I'm beginning to see why some folks don't bother with landscaping.  You're either mowing a lawn or pulling weeds out of landscaped beds.  Pick your poison.  I can't tell you how many trash cans of weeds I've pulled the past few days.

Freshly De-Weed-ified

Anyhow, once SM is perky we make a run to the HI store for the days deck supplies.  We've been there so much that the checkout guy is starting to recognize us. 

All the framing is complete now. Here's a wide picture to give you a sense of how big it all is. 

We've tossed some old and new deck boards to cover the new framed areas so we can walk on them without falling through.  Nothings attached yet. 

SM is still thinking about the stair design but rigged these up along the new extension so we can all get up and down.  The dogs have gotten used to the new pathway although I did toss some chairs up to keep Ginny (who is half blind) from walking off the wrong edge.

We started working on the privacy wall yesterday.

We plan on using a combination of cedar planks for privacy and then placing screening along the top of the wall to the roofline to help diffuse the sun while still giving us some ventilation and light.

We're hoping to finish the wall today..

Then we'll lay the deck boards bit by bit.
Then finish the stairs.
Hm...We'll need to discuss a railing.
And install a gutter for the roofline.
Then stain it all.
Boy, have we got a lot more to do!


  1. Oh, but what a nice job the two of you are doing! Even the simplest (is there such a thing?) of a planned project takes three or four times as much energy, money and time to complete than you thought it would. :o( I'm sure you'll enjoy this new deck area a lot for years to come.

  2. Tami, you need something to eat those weeds! Like goats, or chickens, or a pig. :)

  3. That's lookin' great! Just think of all the coffee (or beer) you'll be enjoying out there.

    Can't you just lay down cardboard covered with mulch to smother the weeds? That's a lot of pickin'!