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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sweating With The Oldies

I'm taking a few extra vacation days around the 4th of July this year.

SM and I had thought we might want to zip up to Ohio and visit friends and relatives like we did last year.  But since we saw Ronnie and Connie just a few weeks ago, SM has decided that he'd rather stay here and finish the deck. 


I say "hopefully" because while I have dedicated time off, SM works when he's called.  He's already scratched Thursday off this week as he's needed for a job in Greensboro.  After that (with a little luck) things will quiet down for a long weekend of uninterrupted hammering, sawing and sweating.

I just love sweating...@;)
I've become a professional sweat-er the last few years.
Inside or outside. 
Doesn't matter to me.
Flame on, Baby!

Anyway, work on the deck has continued slowly.  We did a bit here and there whenever we had the chance. 

SM single handedly finished the roof.  He's just got to stick some flashing on around the chimney.  I know he's done a great job of it because we have had a few "frog-chokers" around here and we haven't seen a single leak.  We wander out in the middle of the downpour staring at the ceiling, high-fiving each other. 

Last weekend we ran to the home improvement store for a load of wood and got the deck framed up on the far end.  

While there, we also started buying deck boards as SM is pretty picky about what we're laying down.  He didn't want to order bulk and have it delivered.  Instead, we go through the stack of "premium" deck boards one by one and set aside the bad boards. 

I told SM that we'll likely have to visit different several different stores and sift through what they have in order to complete the deck. 

Hey...do it right or don't bother, right?

We'll be heading out this morning to buy another load of lumber for the stair extension area and the 12' privacy wall. 

It's already 77 out there with the high heading to 95. 

TS Arthur is pumping up the heat and humidity up our way. 
I swear I can smell the ocean.

Have a great holiday weekend, ya'll. 


  1. I think I would be protrate in a nanosecond down there. I am old and I sweat - does that count as sweating as an oldie? Flame on, sistah!

  2. We'll be thinking of you this weekend, as Arthur seems to be gaining strength and heading your way. We're getting pummeled right now, but not so much wind.
    Stay safe chickadee!

  3. Good luck with the construction project . . . and may cool winds blow your way while you're at it.

    P.S. Really like your "zinnia" blog header photo!