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Monday, July 7, 2014

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

The world is a crowded place.

I used to crave country living in the hopes that I wouldn't be pestered by my neighbors.  I envisioned a country life of seclusion and silence. 

I know now (from reading your blogs) that everyone has a neighbor.  Even out in the country.

Neighbors.  I happened to be blessed with pretty decent ones.


We had a family with 7...Yes, SEVEN dogs.  Bark, bark bark...All the freaking time.

We've had the family with the pot smoking kids.  When Mom and Dad were gone of course. 

(Hm...contact high anyone?)

Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't, but for the most part we all hope and pray that we don't live next to the neighbor from Hell.

We might not consider the fact that, to OUR neighbors, WE might be the neighbors from Hell.

I try to keep this fact in mind but I really don't worry about it too much about it.

Yes, my weedy garden is likely a topic of conversation of my neighbors to the left of me.

Yes, our construction site mess might be a topic of conversation to the neighbors on the right of me.

Just do what I do.

Avert your eyes.

You don't like it? 

Don't look...@;)


  1. Oh my gosh Mama Pea know what you mean. Out in Texas it was loud music,here loud music.But fortunately got a hill to buffer the noise. We lived next door to an Air Force base out there,that was loud. Here it's so quiet its irritating.Goofy uh?

  2. I'm about equally divided - neighbors from hell/great neighbors. I just ignore - as much as possible - the hellish ones and am very thankful for the great ones. Every time I hear or read that question, it makes me think of Fred Rogers, and miss him.

  3. We have a rental behind us, with 4 dogs. We can always tell when a siren is coming, they start howling 2 minutes in advance:) And one of them tries to bite/attack us through the fence :( Before that I was constantly calling the cops- loud music all night. One night the cops were on the roof! The guy disappeared the next day, jail I think... I wish we could buy it and rent it to our kids... Great neighbors though on either side and across the street!!!

  4. We have a great neighborhood where we are all acquainted and compatible... except for the one who doesn't talk to anyone. What must it be like to be the only neighbor who doesn't talk to anyone?