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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Almost There

For me August is kinda like February. 

Something to get through.

It has it's charms I'm sure, but I was built for the tweener seasons of Spring and Fall.  Lower humidity, reasonable temperatures.  Bliss!

I can get a lot accomplished in tweenerville @;)

So we've been humping along, doing what we can weather (and life) permitting.

This morning finds us fogged in which delays things a bit.

Can't paint or stain.

I could pull weeds.  Blech!  I'd be better off mowing the garden at this point!

The zinnias are (thankfully) still coming on.  I'm cutting several jars of bouquets each week.

We have several birdhouses around the yard and we counted three hatches this year which surprised us.  We usually only see two.

The sparrow fledglings have abandoned the nests in favor of the huge privet bushes in our yard.

They chatter and flit about in a teenage party that SM and I enjoy watching.

Casey likes to crash the party from time to time jumping up against the bush causing a flurry of flight while she races along the on the ground.

If only pigs (ie Casey-Pig) had wings.  I'm sure she'd be up there flying along with them.


  1. Your post had a very calming effect on me this morning. (Yep, needed that, so thanks!) Your pictures had a very fall-ish feel to them. I'm ready.

  2. Love the header, kinda like the end is near for gardening. We don't get the fog or humidity like you do, but it's been a very dry long summer. We have water restrictions, which means we can on hand water on certain day from 7pm to 7am. Have to pick and choose what is the most important. Good luck on the deck and I can't wait to see the finished product.