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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Scrub A Dub Dub

Boy, is it murky out there! 
Hot and humid. 


I went out to walk my miles this morning and came back in looking like this.

Well...Maybe not THAT bad but I sure felt all slimed up from sweating.

So, what to do today? 

Why don't we give the house a bath!

Since we've been finishing the deck with fresh new paint and stain, we've noticed that the house siding is looking a bit faded and tired.

Kinda like me @;)

Since one thing leads to another around here...{can you sense the sarcasm?}...We've decided to paint the house this Fall. 

Oh Joy! 

We have fiberboard siding that needs to be painted every ten years or so.  Paint usually goes on sale Labor Day Weekend.  It just makes sense to take care of it now.

And since it's too humid to stain the deck this weekend, we might as well prep the siding on the house.  SM got all motivated yesterday and started scrubbing the siding on the front of our house with bleach water. 

Talk about "Swamp Thing."

Bleaching the house is something you have to do at least once a year around here.  If you let it get away from you, you'll have a house that's coated with green slimy mold.  

Trust me, I've seen it! 

So that's what we'll be up to today.  What battles are you fighting this weekend?


  1. If you and SM need to "practice" before painting your house, you could come here and do ours. Ours needs it very badly and I really, really wanted to get it done this summer but our projects on The List have not gone well and I'm starting to think the house face lift is not gonna happen. Sigh.

    This weekend I'm still playing Harvesting Hilda. Not that I'm complaining. Our garden has outdone itself in producing a bountiful harvest despite the terrible spring/garden start we had.

    P.S. We've had the terrible humidity, too, although much cooler temps. The sensation when putting on my clothes this morning was . . . (shiver) . . . clammy!

    1. Ha! You wish, MP! (Although it might not be a bad idea. We could pick as payment for painting...@;)

  2. Ugh, the humidity! The only "saving" grace we have here is that the humidity is usually followed by a horribly dry & furnace hot week so the mold & mildew only seem to happen in the spring.

    1. I can't WAIT for the dryer air of Fall. One more month to go, Sister!

  3. How do you keep the bleach from killing the plants, lawn whatever? We need to do this too. We already have a power washer.

    1. Hey Katie...

      When we first started doing this, I was just as concerned about the plants and lawn. I've never had any damage though. I mean we rinse the stuff off so maybe it's so diluted that it just doesn't matter.

      We can't use a power washer on our siding. It rips the fiber board up so we just attach one of those hose mixer thingies and spray it that way. Give it a try!

  4. Tami - you are a livesaver! I have to wash the outside of my house and can't use a power washer either. I never thought of the mixer thingie (of which I have two...) What a great idea! Do you just put bleach in the container of the thingie and then run water through it? I am PSYCHED!

    1. Yeppers! Good luck...It's messy job. Be sure to wear goggles and clothes you don't care about.