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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Great Mystery Of Life

So I'm making breakfast for SM this morning and I'm humming.

"You know...I notice that you always hum when you cook."  SM observed.  "Connie does that too."  He adds referring to my Sister-In-Law.

I paused, spatula in the air and considered this.  "I remember my Grandma S always hummed too.  I can't remember if my Mom does."  I go back to flipping his eggs.  "I don't think so."

I tossed his eggs onto some toast slathered with Miracle Whip Lite, added some bacon and lettuce and another piece of toast.  Cut it in half...Instant Breakfast Sandwich.

"I don't think I hum doing anything else though.  You know, like cleaning or laundry.  Just cooking."  I set the plate before him.  "I wonder why that is?"

"Maybe because you're happy?"  SM says taking a bite.  "I know I'm happy when you cook."

What say you out in Bloggerville?  Do you whistle (or hum or sing) while you work?


  1. Nope, but that's probably because, even to my own ears, I realize I can't carry a tune in a pail with a lid on it.

    Your post reminds me of a story though. I was with an older lady and her grown son who was reminiscing about growing up. There were 6 kids in the family and the son said one of his fondest childhood memories was of waking up each morning to the sound of his mom downstairs preparing breakfast while banging cupboard doors and whistling a happy tune. Upon hearing this, the mom with an amazed stare at her son said, "I never knew I whistled while I cooked!"

  2. Cook? What's that. I don't cook so I guess the answer to no I don't hum.

  3. Tami...off topic...This time of the year I spend a ton of time passing on your Rotel recipe...could you re-post that entry so I can pass on the link? I call it Tami' s Rotel and folks love it! Thank you!

  4. Hm...Geez, I don't think that's me, Lynda. Maybe another Tami?

  5. One of the advantages to working alone outside all day is that I can sing as loudly as I like. No one will tell me to be quiet. No one will assume I've lost my mind. I don't always sing, but when I do, I sing loudly and badly. And sometimes I tease the mockingbirds.