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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Girls Club

This week I was working up a young lady who brought her Mom and Hubby along to hear the details of her consultation. 

I was in the middle of answering some concerns that the Mom had when I saw her eyes shift slightly to my neck as I felt a hotflash start to come up over me. 

I smiled, knowing what Mom was seeing and said "Yeah, it's a hotflash.  You know what I'm talking about." 

Mom laughed as I turned tomato red, picked up her daughters chart and started fanning myself off with it.  

I cut my eyes over to the daughter and said "See what you get to look forward to?"  Daughter laughed too.

"I tell you what..."  I said looking back at Mom.  "If I'd have known that this was what it would be like, I'd have had a LOT more fun when I was younger."  More laughter ensued.

Poor Hubby sat there looking slightly embarrassed as though he had stumbled into a secret Girls Club and overheard us discussing mysterious things.

I suppose that most men would rather not know the details of all the funny stuff that we girls have to go through but Hey...When you get married to someone you kinda have to pay attention to what's happening to them. 

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at SM and said "I'm glad I'm not a guy."

Elaine on Seinfeld said it all.

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  1. But girls still walk around with a lot more things than guys! How's about when you're menstruating, you're out and about trying to live a normal life (you know, attending school or holding down a job) and your containment system isn't up to the job? (TMI? Sorry.)