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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Somebody Stop Her!

Rarely does a weekend go by anymore where something doesn't get done on the deck.

I'm sure when I look back on 2014 it will be defined as The Year of The Deck.  It does make me wonder what I'll do with all my spare time when I don't have to do anything to it at all.  Other than sit on it.

Anyway, yesterday's weather was just peachy for painting and staining.  So that's what I did.  Second coats on the gutter parts and the "framing" sections of the railing.  Those are our choice for todays workday.  We're supposed to get heavy rain tomorrow so I'm leaning towards gutters first.

I've also started the tedious process of staining the tongue and groove ceiling.  I say tedious because I've got to stand on a ladder (which hurts my feet after awhile) plus since the brush is upside down, the stain likes to dribble towards my hand.

Left side T&G stained / Right side unfinished

We bought the clear CWF for this but it actually dries a very light cedar color which I don't mind except that the privacy wall is stained a very intense cedar color. 

(Well, duh...That's what happens when cedar boards meet cedar stain, Tami) 

I haven't liked that wall since I stained it.  It's just too much orange.  I waited until SM came home from a job to discuss it with him. 

He's laying on the swing looking up at the ceiling and wall.

"I love it.  It's like a cabin."  He says, arms behind his head.

"But this isn't a cabin, it's a porch."  I counter.

"But if we stick a Jack-a-lope head on the wall it would just tie everything together." 

"No.  It's too orange.  I can't have an orange ceiling AND floor AND wall."  I say.

"Leave it alone!" 



"No.  Go away now.  I've got work to do."

SM knows that he won't win this one so he heads back inside to watch some collage football.

I take a deep breath, grab the bucket of trim paint and attack the wall.  As I'm swiping I notice that (since the cedar has a rough finish) that I'm actually getting that distressed look that everybody seems to like these days.


"What do you think?"  I ask SM standing back, a frown on my face.

"Not bad.  Softer.  Like it's a blend of both."

"Maybe."  I say still not sure.

"Well, you can't go back."  SM points out.

"No, but I can paint the whole thing solid."

"Give it a few days and see what it looks like when the ceiling and floor is done."  SM advises taking the paint brush gently from my hand.

He knows when I get a certain look my eye. 

If I don't separate myself from the paintbrush, the whole damn deck will be painted green.

Somebody stop me!


  1. That is one beautiful deck ~ becoming even more so with each passing day.

    I've been known to get that same look in my eye . . . and it usually means a lot of work for my better half! :-)

  2. You are a woman ON FIRE (in many ways...:) After all this work and expense, you just gotta have it right...right?

  3. I have to agree with you about orange, LOL. Still, the deck looks fantastic!