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Friday, September 19, 2014

White Night

Years ago, I read a fictional novel about Queen Elizabeth and in it she described her episodes of frequent insomnia as "having a White Night."

Not sure why that phrase stuck with me, since I've never really suffered from insomnia before The Menopause, but now I've embraced it and have come to describe my own sleepless nights as White Nights.

It kinda puts a more positive spin on what could turn a normal person into a cranky puss really quick.

If you figured out that I'm writing this post because I'm having a White Night as we speak, then Congratulations!...

Did I get any sleep last night?

Well, yeah...A little.

I zonked out in the recliner between 8 and 10. 

When I got up to finally go to bed, I wandered over to kiss SM goodnight. 

He smiled at me and said "You're so funny."

"What?"  I asked.

You were snoring in the chair."

"I was?"

"Yeah.  Your mouth was wide open.  Anything could have snuck in there."

Hm...Maybe that was why I couldn't sleep the rest of the night?


  1. How funny!!! - not the no sleep part . . . I'm at the gates of menopause so I get it. I especially like the cat image though. LOL

  2. I like that - White Nights. However, lately I would be more likely to call them Black Nights.