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Sunday, October 26, 2014

56 Kisses

Somebody has a Birthday here today. 

It ain't me.

Since I'm too cheap to buy a Birthday card, I cut up the one the University sent him (?) and decorated it with some Zinnias.

I expect it will take a couple of cups of coffee before SM can appreciate the effort and artistry it took.

Technically speaking, my Birthday Boy gets the day off today.  I'm hoping he'll take advantage of our Indian Summer and go golfing.

He doesn't have to do anything around here. 
Like painting the house.
Or working on the stair railing.

But if he did...I'm sure I can manage a few kisses to show my appreciation.


  1. Sending best wishes from here to your house for the special birthday boy! Hope he has a super day . . . and a few kisses!

  2. I hope he had a wonderful birthday! And I LOVE your birthday 'card'!

  3. I love the birthday card . . . and the zinnias in a vase . . . and the wine behind the zinnias! LOL

    I hope your husband had a great birthday.