"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Sunday, October 12, 2014

By Default

I can't say that "Gabby Gertie" is in the house exactly.

It's just that it's a misty, chilly, dark Sunday morning here and so...by default...you all get a blog post today.

I really should cut myself some slack actually.  I haven't been posting mostly because I've been too tired to want to post.

I had to work Monday (my boss was begging me to) but then took the rest of the week off as October is one of my most favorite months of the year.

Crisp, dry weather and lower humidity was what I envisioned when I'd scheduled my week off months ago.

The reality was a bit different. 
Clear blue skies with temperatures in the mid 80's.
A Summer extension perhaps?
Unheard of.

And so, since money has been somewhat tight to afford a week long traveling vacation, SM and I decided on another Staycation instead.

Well...actually I had the Staycation.
SM worked the week as usual.

Strangely, I developed "Get er done" fever this past week.  Four days in a row of perfect weather provided me with the motivation to try and wrap things up. 

And so I have singlehandedly finished staining the entire deck.  Upside down and inside out. 
That puppy is finally finished. 

The weather was SO nice that I also started painting the siding on the house. 

I had to. 
Once the deck was done, I was disturbed at how filthy the siding was. 
Moldy, dirty and dull.

So out came the bleach and in a few hours I had a clean surface to apply Sherwin Williams "Buff-7683" in a satin finish.

I was shocked at how bright and clean the creamy, yellow based color transformed the body of the house.  Since I'd been on a ladder staining the deck ceiling, I gave my feet a break and started painting from the ground up. 

All the way around the house there's an eight foot stripe of "Buff". 

And then the rain came putting a stop to any hopes that I had of finishing the paint job this weekend.

I do still have Monday and Tuesday off still.  Maybe the rain will move off so I can finish things up.

I doubt it.
But maybe.


  1. You're going to need a vacation from your staycation. I getcha on the blogging - I have to drag myself to the computer and then sit there in awful blankness. That's a nice color - what a difference that will make!

  2. Great way to use your time. I think you'll love the new look. Everyone needs some freshening up once in a while!