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Sunday, October 19, 2014


What is it about being on the highest rung of a ladder, teetering ever so slightly as you lean out to apply paint to the siding that tempts fate?

No, I didn't fall off.
But I should have.

I've got my sloppy painting clothes on.  Stained tee shirt and loose sweat pant shorts. 

A bee has been hanging around attracted to the smell of the paint I assume.  I've been waving him away for the past few minutes, unconcerned.  Bees and I usually get along just fine. 


I feel a tickle on my tush.

I reach down and "Hello Kitty!!"

I knew I was stung. 

I haven't had a bee sting in 30+ years.  My adrenaline shot through the roof as I climbed down off the ladder cursing like a fiend.

I go to the bathroom and pull up my shorts.  F-ing Bastard crawled up on my leg, inside my shorts and caught me where my hip and butt meet. 

"Son of a..." as the pain increased and it started welting up.  Ice packs, baking soda and a Benedryl later I was still shaking like a leaf.

So much for THAT paint job.

Who knew such a sweet innocent little thing as a bee could put the kaibosh on a project?


  1. Ouch! I can so relate! (Although -- knock on wood -- I didn't get stung once this past season. Whew.) I guess the good thing is 1) you didn't fall off the ladder, and 2) that cute little bee didn't choose an even more tender, more painful spot on your anatomy!

  2. I hate to laugh at your misfortune . . . but this post is hilarious. I think it's the cursing ~ because I would have chosen the exact same words! I am currently doing battle with wasps. Not only have they stung me (aggressive little bastards), they are also feasting on all my butterfly caterpillars and that is frustrating the heck out of me.

  3. Effn hornets! I've never been stung by a honeybee, but hornet stings will get me shaking after the initial shock has worn off. Hope your bum is feeling better!

  4. Oh Tami. Was it a hornet? They are definitely the worst. The only time I was ever stung by one of those was inside the house when I was sitting at the computer. It crawled up my leg. It hurt for days!