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Monday, November 3, 2014

C is For...Cold? Casey-Pig? Cat-Whisperer?

Damn, it's freakin cold out there!  (28!)

"Now I know why all the Snowbirds fly South for the Winter...Brrr!"  I said to SM the other day.

"If we didn't have to work, we'd be outta here too."  SM agreed.

Speaking of cold weather...I'm not one for dressing my dogs in clothes.  But when you have an 85 lb hairless Chihuahua who is constantly searching for warmth, you tend to bend your rules in sympathy to the shivering little pig.

Casey-Pig has got herself a fleece sweater. 

She is styling!

Casey-Pig is so named because she is a Bodacious Big Mama.  Little bitty head with a round, tubular body.  Short haired but as naked as a baby's bottom on her underside.

Last year I used the Thundershirt to help the girl out during the more colder mornings but this year I thought I'd get her something a bit warmer.  The fleece and the Thundershirt combined worked really well together.
So now even a pig has some protection from the cold.
Speaking of cold...SM decided to go golfing Friday afternoon before the cold front came in. 

So I'm here at the house when the phone rings.

"Hey, Honey...I'm here on the 10th hole and guess what I'm holding?"  I hear SM on the other end and immediately envision what he's got.

Yes.  The Cat Whisperer strikes again.

"She's a yellow and white striped kitten.  So young and friendly!  I wonder if she's lost?"  I hear SM melting on the other end and I can just see him tucking the cat in his jacket and bringing her home with him. 
Just as I start to get all squishy too, it pops into my head that golf courses usually have houses around them.  This cat probably belongs to one of them and is just out for a stroll.  Maybe there's a little kid who would miss this kitty if SM abducted it.

"Why don't you take it to the clubhouse and see if anyone recognizes it?"  I said hanging up.

SM calls me back a bit later.

"I took her to the clubhouse like you suggested and asked the old guy who runs the carts there if he recognized her."

"Whatdya bring her here for?"  The old guy grouchily asked SM.

"Well, if she was a stray I was going to take her home."  SM replied defensively.

"Yeah, she lives at a house over on the 6th green.  I've already closed the gate.  Leave her here.  I'll take her back."

And so fate decided that it was not to be.  My Cat-Whisperer will just have to wait for another day to rescue a hapless little meow-meow.

I did tell him we could go over to the shelter  and adopt one but SM declined.

I know it's just a matter of time.

I have no doubt his cat will find him.



  1. And an extremely lucky cat it will be!

    1. A cat would be nice. If only to keep the mice out in the garden in check.

  2. It's amazing how tuned-in you, two, are. I have a Casey-Pig, too. Lovey-Pig. Being that she is from Alabama, she was very happy to get to wear her fleece jacket. As soon as she was convinced that it wasn't about to eat her, that is.

    1. Yeah...Casey tolerates it but so far I leave it off when she's in the house. We have blankets laying around that she loves to be covered up under.