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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

E is For...Elections? Endings? Eyeglasses?

I have to confess. 

I'm going through a "I hate everything to do with politics" phase right now which kinda messes with SM who is into all things political and therefore does like to watch the evening shows and discussions on the elections.

And since I had to find something that begins with "e"...Well, there you are.

Elections?  Meh.  The system is corrupt I you ask me.  Decent people can't run because the system (and money) won't let them.  But I digress...

In other news, Saturday night we had our first hard frost so the 2014 garden season has ended.  It wasn't a great year.  But being as distracted as we were with the back deck, it was good enough.

And the colder weather brings an end to the exterior painting season.  Can't say that I'm unhappy about it.  I need a break.

So what's up with eyeglasses?

I see most things around the house just fine without anything on and I've bought a few dozen of those cheap little half eye glasses from Sam's Cub and tossed them around the house for SM and I to use. 

I noticed though that I wasn't seeing so good driving at night and figured that I'd better invest in a fancy pair of expensive eyeglasses that could do it all. 

Eyeglass selfie!

I really like these eyeglasses and I can see great with them.  I went with a
plastic frame as I have a tendency to break delicate things like a wire frame.  Even though they're heavy looking, they're very comfortable and light weight.

And so I have arrived.  Older lady eyeglasses!

Whew...I made it through the e post!


  1. I'm with you totally on your feelings about politics! Endings? I'm almost there on my garden. (Thankfully!) We just had our first hard frosts last week . . . very strange. Either I'm just really tired lately (I know I am) or I need a new prescription for my close-up and personal eyesight. Seems like I'm straining to make my glasses "work." Still don't need anything for distance (whew) but close-up is the pits without my specs.

    I'm really enjoying your "alphabet" posts . . . keep 'em coming. :o}

    1. So far so good, MP. It's easier than I thought it would be.

  2. I have worn glasses since first grade because I am near sighted. As I have gotten over the 50 hill, I have progressed to progressive lenses - ugh - oh wait, we are on "e" so I should say eeeew! While I don't lose my glasses since they are always on my face, the progressive lenses took some getting used to. Three different prescriptions in one lens. Yes. We are now old.

    I agree about politics. I am SOOO glad the voting is done. Now I don't have to listen to any more of those political bashing commercials (another eeew) nor get any more recorded political phone calls.

    1. I sprang for the progressives too and got used to them right away. I use them mostly for driving though. Totally with you on the ads. I don't have to hit mute anymore!

  3. Elections are a lot like football season for me . . . my "team" always loses.

    Love the glasses.

    1. I used to feel that way too and then usually ended up disappointed with my "Team" even if they won. I'd love to feel that passion again. Maybe someday.

  4. I'm with you on politics. I used to be very over the top into the whole thing but now, I have zero faith in it all because, like you said, nobody decent who could actually do a decent job is IN politics or even able to get high enough in politics to make a difference. Phf. Even our local people have their heads so far up...nevermind.

    Cute glasses.

  5. Elections = eck. I don't like anyone in office. Throw the bums out! I love your glasses! I have been putting off going to get my eyes checked but must bite the proverbial bullet this fall. I love these alphabetical posts!

    1. I love how you all are coming up with Extra E's in Explaining Every Emotion! @;)