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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

K is For...Kitchen Of Course

Just in case you thought I was lazing the weekend away.  HA! 

K is for Kitchen of course!

And just like you, I usually spend most of my time there. 

Everyone agrees that the kitchen is the most important room in the house.  My kitchen is not the modern kitchen that most young homeowners want these days. 

No, my kitchen is a working woman's kitchen.  Relatively tidy during the week and crowed with things that need doing on the weekends.

Cooking appliances sit on the counters along with many other things.  Let's see what's on my kitchen counters and kitchen table this morning.

Puzzles and books, sticky notes and plants, bills and mail, wine bottles, phones and iPads and computers , Kleenex boxes, reading glasses, red enamel paint and brush for the front door.

And a big orange plastic thingy of pork rinds that I bought at Sam's for the family reunion this past August.  Do you see it back there? 

Guy's like pork rinds or at least I think they do.  But we forgot to take it with us so SM has been slowly nibbling away on those.  Personally, I wouldn't touch them.  Blech.

But there are tastier things cooking in my kitchen today.   Chocolate Chip cookies with walnuts and Oatmeal Craisins. What's a girl to do? 

SM was giving me the Big Eye's this morning.

Almost as bad as the Big Lip.


  1. Because he wants a cookie? I want one too! I can be as obnoxious as a two year old about that kind of thing! It seems today is exclamation day!

    I'm glad that you put nuts in your chocolate chip cookies! A lot of people around here don't swing that way but I do! What are oatmeal craisins?

    1. Oatmeal cookies with "Craisins" in stead of raisins. Dried Cranberries @;) Yum

  2. I don't know of anyone (human) who can resist the Big Eyes AND the Big Lip...

  3. He pulls it off very well too.