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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

L is For...Life? Long Term Care?

I read an interesting article last week at the New York Times about how nursing homes and senior living centers are trying to reduce the amount and severity of the falls their clients experience.

Here's the link to Bracing For The Falls Of An Aging Nation.

After I read it, it stayed on my mind a bit.  We have friends who lost her elderly father to a fall down the stairs.  A neighbor's dad was on a step ladder trimming a tree and things went sideways and killed him.

There are no guarantees as to how long we will live.  Or even the quality of the  life we're living.  Accidents happen to young and old alike.

But it does make you think.

There's no way SM and I can afford Long Term Care Insurance.  It's an option only for the very wealthy IMHO. 

And we don't have kids to help take care of us, so we will be staying here until The State yoinks us out and by that time I hope my mind is in bad enough shape that I won't really care.

So what's to be done? 

We live in a ranch which is good but plan on adding railings to the stairs in and out of the house.  The master bath shower needs remodeling so we'll keep our aging needs in mind.

And other than that, I'll pull a Scarlett...

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  1. There is no getting around it -- when I start to dither, I cast meaningful glances at my sisters. I have no children either. They tend to look nervously away. But I will fall to them some day....using the term loosely. Thanks for the link to the article! I am dealing with elderly parents who live in a split level. And won't listen. It's very timely.