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Friday, November 14, 2014

N is For...Nostalgia

I find it amazing that Christmas is almost here.  Every store, radio and ad is pushing the season upon us.

What's not so amazing is that SM is already getting in the holiday spirit.  This is nothing new as SM is also wishing for Spring on New Years Day.  His timing is off. 

Always has been.
Always will be.

SM gets very nostalgic during the holidays.  He wants to stay close to home and have the house decorated and have big holiday meals.  Me?  I'm ready to travel to warmer climates or take a cruise or go hit Vegas. 

SM looks at me like I'm nuts.

We all have our thing.

SM's thing is watching all the Christmas shows we watched as kids.

It starts with Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin and ends with A Christmas Story.

Since N is for Nostalgia, I thought I'd be cute and see if you all are up on your Christmas shows.

See how many of these characters you can name.

A  Now that's a big Elf!

B  Every time a bell rings....

C  Pull up the RV...

D  A Triple Play!!!

E  That ax looks mighty tasty!



  1. We didn't have a TV when our daughter was growing up (something I now feel badly about since she did miss out on the "good" movies, both holiday and otherwise) and I'm just not a movie buff myself so I'm pretty useless when coming up with the correct answers on your quiz.

    Plus, I'll confess something strange if you promise not to tell anyone. I cannot watch an animated film. (I really should have that analyzed sometime, shouldn't I?)

  2. I like Mama Pea's comment. :-)

    I get wanting to travel to the warmer climates. LOL. It's 52 here this morning in central Florida and you'd think it was snowing. Hubby needed "extra" blankets last night.

    Love me some "Christmas Vacation" every year (that's sad). :-) Have a wonderful weekend!