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Sunday, November 30, 2014

No Twitching Allowed

After our big Black Friday purchase (see last post) we came home and I pulled the Thanksgiving turkey carcass out of the fridge.

I had stuffed it into my large stock pot the day before figuring I'd make some soup.  Since it was a bright, sunshiny cold day (low 40's) I thought the time was right to do a slow boil for a few hours. 

SM was Mr Restless wandering around the house and googling on his laptop.  Eventually he made his way in to me.

"I'm thinking about going to the Ohio State - Michigan game."  SM announced.

He had been checking out ticket prices online.  You see, SM usually heads up to Ohio over the Thanksgiving weekend to visit family and friends and "get away" from his own particular grind.  (ie: Me) 

To which I responded with an enthusiastic "GO!" since I also like to have a few days off from my own special grind (ie: Him)

And then the waffling began.  Yes, No, Yes, No...

SM wandered out to the back porch and stood in the sunshine.  "Whatcha gonna do?"  I inquired.

"I don't know.  It's such a long drive and I'd have to drive back Sunday."

"Well, you're driving me crazy, you're so twitchy.  If you don't think you're going to go, how about you work on the stair railing?"

I'm not one to tolerate nervous energy very well.  Since SM was spinning his wheels, and since I was about to bean him in the head, I figured I might as well put him to work. 

Surprisingly SM looked around and said "Sure."

Bhwa Haa Ha.  My plan was working brilliantly!

Uh...Well maybe not.

I'd just volunteered myself to help him. 

It's a good thing that soup can wait.  The turkey guts had to cool off anyway.

So SM and I spent a pleasant afternoon out in the cool sunshine building the stair railing.

"Not bad for a couple of amateurs."  SM announced, standing back from his handiwork.

"Good enough."  I agreed and headed back into the house to clean up.

Well crap!  I'd completely forgotten about the turkey carcass!  It was still hot but needed to be sorted through. 

So my day was not yet done.  I cleaned myself up and then cleaned the carcass.  Sure is a good thing that soup is easy to make.  SM enjoyed a couple of bowls and I enjoyed a couple glasses of wine.

And all was right with the world again.


  1. I've learned the right timing and approach are crucial when it comes to trying to get help with household repairs and jobs. A couple of glasses of wine often helps, too.

  2. I've learnt one thing,I start it he finishes it ha well trained!