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Saturday, November 15, 2014

O is For...Oh, My God...Oscar!

The other morning I had dropped off the dogs and headed back outside to stomp around the hood for my exercise.  It was pretty dark out but folks were starting to wake up so here and there I saw house lights coming on.

I rounded the corner and saw a garage door open and a tiny lady come out of the house with her head wrapped in a towel.  I heard her say...

"Oh My God...Oscar!"



For such little thing she sure had a pair of lungs on her.  I figured it wouldn't be long before she woke up her neighbors.

I looked around and spied her fuzzy little Pom in the yard the next house over.

"OSCAR!!!!"  She yelled and then she whimpered.  Clearly she couldn't see her dog across the way.

I turned and said "Ma'am your dog is over here." 

No response.  I flashed my light in her direction and said a little louder "Ma'am your dog is over here." 

Still no response so I turned and walked towards her and shouted "Ma'am your dog is over here." 

She started walking into her house. 

"Ma'am!!!!  I shouted.

That caught her attention and she turned my way.  I couldn't see her face but I wondered if she was elderly.  I didn't want to scare her by coming too close so I said in a very loud voice...

"Your dog is right over there beside that house.  Do you see?" I was shining my flashlight on the dog.

"Oh, Thank YOU!" she shouted to me and as I turned to continue my walk, I heard her shout...

"Oscar!  There you are!  Come here this minute!" 

Clearly both the lady and the dog were hard of hearing.

What is it with this month?
First Dick and now Oscar.
Am I having a run on dogs or what?

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  1. That little (old?) lady was mighty fortunate you were where you were when you were. (Huh?) Who knows the stress it would have caused her until she finally located Oscar? Heck, he could have wandered even farther away and been lost forever. Be ready for that third dog encounter now! ;o]