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Monday, November 17, 2014

Q is For...The Queen!

SM is a huge fan of Monty Python.  I've watched it before with him and while he is splitting a gut laughing, the most you might get out of me is a smile.

It must be a guy thing.

Anyway, SM was watching an old black and white movie yesterday morning called Lloyd's of London while I was in the kitchen blogging. 

There's lots of British accents and words like farthing in it. 

SM points out that Tyrone Powers looks like a woman.

So then SM gets up for another cup of coffee and comes into the kitchen asking in his best Monty Python voice.

"And what is The Queen up toooo today?" He asks me.

Never breaking stride I answer...

"The Queen is trying to warm up after waaalking round outside."  I respond in a high pitch British accent.

There then ensues a risqué conversation about certain body parts that don't respond well to the cold. (ahem)

SM resumes his normal voice and says "You really don't do Monty Python very well do you?

"I'm trying to sound like a man speaking like a woman with a British accent." I continue in my best MP accent.

"Doesn't work. You have to be a man to sound like Monty Python."

Freaken Purist!

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  1. VERY good post for "Q!"

    Sadly, Tyrone Powers did have his challenges, didn't he?