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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

S is For...Seeds? Summertime? Snow?

I usually start considering next years garden seeds right about now. The past few years I've gotten my Baker Creek Seed Catalog in December and I like to place my order early to avoid close outs.

The holiday season is oddly when we both start longing for Summertime.  That was the first thing SM thought of when I asked him about a topic for the S post.  (Mine was seeds...Ha!)
And how about that lake effect snow!!! 
Reports of 8 feet of snow and still coming down.  I tell you if that hit around here we'd be paralyzed.


  1. Got my first seed catalog of the season yesterday. Waaaay too early! Oughta be a law against it. Wouldn't January, after the holidays are done and passed, be the perfect time for them to start arriving??

  2. I like how your mind works - I'd much rather think about seeds than snow.

  3. Pass me the seeds and skip the snow.

  4. T is for "timely" T is for tomato,think,treasure,tombstone,tomorrow,test.