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Friday, November 21, 2014

T is For...Tardy? Tired? Turkey?

Sorry for the missed post yesterday. 

I worked a 12 hour - 7am to 7pm day yesterday.  Add my drive time and it was more like a 14 hour day. 

I tried to post from work but didn't realize that our work computers limit access to such "social" sites so I was screwed. 

(Hey...Is this an S post?) 

No!  Think T Tami!

Anyway...That's why this posting was tardy.

To say that I'm tired this morning is a slight understatement.  Not mentally    
 tired surprisingly, just that physical achy limb thing that will fade away once I get moving again.

Moving on to the reason for the season, SM went out the other day and bought our Thanksgiving turkey which is currently chilling in the spare fridge.

"How big of a turkey can I get?"  SM is the turkey purchaser around here and I swear we have this conversation every year!

"It's got to fit in the space I created so buy a small turkey."  I tell him as he looks in the fridge.  "Use your hands to get a sense for how big you can get."

SM did good.  He bought one of the smaller turkeys they had.

This then leads to a conversation about preparation.  SM likes the traditional presentation of a roasted turkey.  I want to try it in the Dutch Oven because everything I cook in it tenderizes beautifully. 

Nope.  SM won't have it.  He then goes on to say that he want's to buy a turkey fryer and try it that way.

Hell, no.  I want to a have a drama free Thanksgiving please.

So how are you fixing your turkey this year?

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  1. Roasted in the oven. Same old, same old. But usually very yummy! I love the turkey leftovers more than the meat on Thanksgiving Day. Have never understood people who grump and groan about getting tired of trying to eat them up. Wrap and store serving sized packages in the freezer for January, February, March . . . Ours never last nearly that long.