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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Toilet Talk

A year or so ago we did a few updates to our Master Bathroom.  We replaced the toilet with one of those new fangled power flushers that I really didn't like at first. 

I was used to the slow sounding flushes.  Kinda like those lazy river rides.  It'll get you there but it takes awhile.

This new sucker sounded like a power washer.  Whoosh and it was done in 0.3 seconds.  We also made the mistake of buying the "taller" version that the sales guy said everyone was installing. 

Now you might not think there's much difference between a 14 and 16 inch bowl height but there is.  

It's weird sitting on a taller toilet. 

Anyhoo, the reason we're talking toilets is because the one in our guest bathroom needs replacing.  It's 25 years old and is on the fritz.  The flush slows to a trickle and that's when I call in the troops.

SM gets to deal with it.

SM is a funny man.  He won't pick up dog poo in the yard but has no problem being my go-to toilet guy.  He's replaced toilets in every house we've ever lived in.  Not a word of fuss out of him but ask him to take a dog for a walk and clean up after it?  Hell, no.

So we head out to the big box store yesterday to shop for a toilet. 

"Do you think they'll be a Black Friday Sale on toilets?"  I wondered.

We walked into Lowes.  Very quiet.  The toilet we wanted was considered a "special order" and would take a month to get in.  Really?  I just wanted a standard height with an elongated bowl.  In white.  Not hot pink or yellow.  Just white. 

"Sorry, Ma'am.  It'll be here December 22."

So we headed over to Home Depot.  People everywhere!  Helpful staff everywhere!  Freaken balloons in the aisles.  What's going on?  A party?

We started to head over to plumbing but we got distracted by the appliance sale they were having.  SM and I were eyeballing stoves (which I need) and refrigerators (which I don't). 

We opened doors and flipped switches, shoulder to shoulder with other folks doing the same.

"This is the best time of the year to buy appliances."  The smiling sales guy dangled temptingly.

"Eyes on the prize."  I said to SM.  "We're actually here to buy a toilet."  I said to the sales guy as we wandered away.

When we got to the row of porcelain beauties, we discovered that what we wanted would be special order here too.  Both stores were only carrying the "tall" toilets in stock now. 

Hmm.  I guess that's what everybody wants these days. 

The good news was that Home Depot could get us good old reliable in a week instead of a month.


So what did you buy on Black Friday?


  1. That sounds like my kind of shopping - I did a cyber Monday black Friday and ordered a waterproof protector for plugging two outdoor cords together. Exciting, no? It wasn't on sale, but it was cheap anyway. Funny, I love the taller toilets. I am practicing for my dotage and figure it will be easier to swing my butt from my walker to the tall toidy.

  2. Did not buy a thing. I have been tracking the price of ranges at Home Depot and Lowes, and their black Friday prices are the same prices they have had for weeks. Disappointing.

  3. I don't like the tall toilets either. I'm so short I can swing my legs once 'situated' (TMI?). Funny, but our Lowe's & Home Depot are just the opposite, Lowe's nice, friendly, helpful. Home Depot, not so much. I bought freeze dried food from Thrive at their annual sale. Nice to just punch in a few digits & hit enter. Easy as pie.

  4. There may be a simple mathematical equation: no. of birthdays = need for less knee stress and bending = need for taller vessel. Maybe.

  5. Didn't leave the house so didn't do any (crowd fighting) shopping. There are a couple of notes on my desk (have been there for-EVAH) for things I have to research out on the Internet . . . and hope to purchase there. Maybe I'll get on that today.

    I'm with DFW . . . I'm short and am sure a tall toilet wouldn't be comfortable for me. Don't think I've ever had the experience of actually perching on one though.

  6. Hi from Carol in Scotland. I remember toilets as being taller in older houses in England. An osteopath I knew purchased a reclaimed Victorian bathroom suite because the toilet was taller and better for your body posture. The bath was lovely - so much longer and deeper than the norm nowadays.

  7. Didn't go out or buy a thing. I do appreciate taller toilets though. The short ones make me feel like a kid.

  8. Nothing on Black Friday. But yesterday I went on a spending spree. Bought a new nozzle for the air compressor, two pairs of work gloves and a piece of hydraulic hose. Doing my part to boost the economy. :)

  9. I'm tall (5'11) and even I don't like the "tall" toilets!

    I don't do "Black Friday" . . . being an introvert and all. No bargain is worth the crowds in my book. :-)