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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cataract Kid

Do you see this sweet face?

Not only did Miss Ginny have to tolerate the indignities of a bath yesterday, she has an 11:30 appt today to see The Vet for a full workup.

Bad Mommy that I am, she is overdue for her shots.  It doesn't help when I tell her that Casey is also overdue...Today is Ginny's turn, poor kid!

She shakes whenever we go and now that she's half-blind with her congenital cataracts, it makes it that much harder on the ole girl.

I'm hoping SM will tag along to help give her love and keep her calm on the ride over.  For some unknown reason she's always been this way...very fearful of The Vet.

But it will soon be over. 
And it's supposed to be in the 60's and sunny today.  
I think an afternoon nap on the back porch will be just the thing for My Sweet Ginny-Girl.

And maybe for me too! 


  1. Oh golly-gosh-darn, I hope Ginny's vet appointment is over now and she is back home calm and happy. Wonder if she ever had a bad experience in a vet's office? Was she older when you got her? Don't cha just hate it when you have to subject them to unpleasant experiences? Fortunately, I think they forget it as soon as it's over . . . it's probably harder on us.

  2. Amen Sister! I held her mostly...She's such a wiggle worm but all we got through it. Although I must say I now understand what a "Hair Shirt" looks like. Mine was covered.