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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Get With It Sister!

I usually like to decorate for Christmas over the long Thanksgiving weekend since I usually have plenty of down time and since SM usually goes up to Ohio to visit and usually leaves me with tons of quiet time to piddle around to my hearts content. 

Since he didn't go up this year, I got to do silly unseasonal things with my days off like work on the freaken deck last weekend. 

Although I will say the new railing adds a certain something.

Anyway, since it's my job to fling the Christmas Crap all over the house, I have had to wait until SM was ready to haul down all the boxes of said crap out of the attic.

And I waited.
And waited.
And stuck a wreath that was in the closet on the front door as a reminder.
And waited.
And bought a little cinnamon air freshener thingy and stuck it in the living room.
And waited.

And then came home from work Friday night to see this.

So I got cracking early and finished the tree and mantle area by noon.

I thought about decorating outside but other than the wreath on the front door, I'm just not feeling it.

Is it because I've gotten off to a late start and I'm developing the "Why bother"
 of old age?  

It is a lot of work stringing up lights outside.  Do you do it anymore?


  1. Yep I still decorate the flower boxes with greenery and white lights and do the same for around the front door. I need to posts pictures for my site.

  2. I sit here reading this wondering if I really have the desire to put the lights up outside or not. The wind is blowing a pretty good clip this morning so it's not looking likely, at least not this morning. We just got our main tree up last night! Just not feeling it this year for some reason.

  3. We've never decorated outside because we've always lived down a long driveway or nestled in the woods. Wreaths on the doors but that's it. Maybe that's why I do more than some folks inside. Besides that while putting up lights and such outside the weekend after Thanksgiving might be in (halfway) mild weather, taking them down the first week in January would most likely be brutal!

    Your tree is gorgeous. Good job!

    Your tree is gorgeous. Good work!

    1. Can you tell I got interrupted while writing my comment?

      Your tree is still gorgeous.

  4. I agree that your tree looks great.

  5. I love your tree! While I always loved a fresh tree (before cats), there is something very compelling about popping it up whenever you want and they putting it way in a box. I do not, as a rule, decorate outside. Mostly because I'm cheap.

  6. I don't do lights outside...too much work in my mind. Although with no kids home this year, it's amazing I even put up the tree lol. My mother always does outside too, and usually on the coldest day NH can have....too much work.