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Monday, December 8, 2014

The "Duh" - Waste Not Post

The other day Mama Pea, over at A Home Grown Journal, wrote a post about her "Duh" moment when after years of wasting stale bread, her own personal light bulb went on and she starting freezing the bread to make croutons out of them at her convenience. 

Many of us follow MP and I thought of her this morning when I jumped in the shower and was smacking the bottle of hair conditioner against my palm trying to get out the last bit out of the plastic bottle.  The stuff is thick and I could see it sitting there, I just couldn't get it out.

After my shower I was smacking the plastic bottle of hair styling goop against my palm trying to get the last of that product out of the bottle when I had my "Duh" moment.

I grabbed some scissors and cut the bottle in half.  Then I scraped the stuff into the bottom and using the top half as a lid, put it back together again.

You would not believe how much product I've been wasting by not cutting the bottle in half. 

There's enough in each bottle to last me a couple more weeks!



  1. Ha-ha! We're not aging, we're getting smarter! Look out world! :o)

  2. I just add a bit of hot water to the bottle and shake to liquify the last little bits. They come out easily and then my bottles are all cleaned out ready for the recycle bin.

  3. I learned that little trick with the Bath and Body Works lotion . . . same thing ~ a "bunch" of lotion remaining in the tube that just wouldn't come out!

  4. Great idea! That MP is a gem!

  5. Now that's funny. I just leave my old jar upside down for several days while I start using a new one. Then I transfer the dregs from the 1st one into the new one. But, I was still never able to get it all out because of the angles on the bottles. Duh ... why didn't I think of cutting it?!

  6. Menopause and brilliance go hand-in-hand!