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Friday, December 12, 2014

Waste Not Post #2

I got my Baker Creek catalog this week and I am In Love with the cover.

I'm going to frame and hang it on a wall in my nook.  It would look perfect there.  They folded it up when the postman delivered it so there's a big crease down the middle but I think I can get the crease to flatten out.

Anyway, I asked SM if we had some spare cashola in the bank account so I could go ahead and order.  I spent a pleasant hour trolling through the online images and descriptions and completed my purchase.

I had to laugh.  The majority of my order was flower seeds.

I still had plenty of left overs of various veg seeds from last year.  I picked up a few new to me veggie varieties but everything else was flowers.

Now I've been slowly saving seeds from my veggie patch.  I've got squash, pumpkin and lettuce seed from last years plants. 

But it's never occurred to me to try and save flower seeds.  Except for marigolds.  Those are easy and obvious. 

Why don't I save myself some money and harvest seeds from my own flowers?

I poked around and found a helpful article (with pictures) and saved it under my favorite places to remind me to do this next year.

I sure am slow.  Do you any of you save flower or veg seeds routinely?  Or are you a bit on the slow side like me and buy your seeds every year?


  1. Even though I try to save seeds (flowers and veggies), it's always too hard to pass up buying new ones, especially from Baker Creek. Since you got your catlog, I'll now be anxiously awaiting mine and counting the days 'till spring planting. That IS a beautiful cover.

  2. I do save seeds, especially sunflowers and the natives that we grow each year. Zinnias are another favorite that are so easy to save. Hard to resist those gorgeous photos in the catalogs though. ;0)

  3. I think that is the coolest cover ever ~ just ordered a copy. :-)

    I too am slow and each year learn to save more and more seeds. Basically, at this point, I save (or at least try to) as many seeds as I can. I run into problems when it gets real cold outside though because I hibernate and miss my chances from time to time.

  4. I got my copy of Baker Creek two days ago. Must be the most gorgeous seed catalog cover ever . . . especially without any printing on it! Makes it perfect for framing as you're going to do.

    I save whatever seeds I can from the garden but one real problem way up here in northern Minnesota and our short, short growing season is many varieties don't have time to mature enough to form seeds before Jack Frost kills 'em dead. Last season I purposely let a favorite lettuce plant (planted outside in May) grow and grow and grow (darn thing was over three feet high and quite ugly) but it never did give me seeds mature enough to save. A shame, too, since lettuce seeds have gotten sooooo pricey!