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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Waste Not Post #3

I was out the other morning walking the dogs over at the McMansion neighborhood that's across the county road from where we live. 

It was before 5am so no one was out and the crossing was easy.

So we're walking along doing the sniffy thing when I see a bulky pile alongside the curb.  As I got closer I could see a vacuum cleaner and an outside patio set of two chairs and a loveseat.  I shined my flashlight on it and could see rust on the furniture but no breaks and the strapping looked intact.

I finished walking the dogs and went back over to inspect it further.  I sat down on each piece.  They were fine.  Just rusted.


Since it wasn't that far away I picked up the loveseat pulled it up over my head and hauled it back to the house.  And then I went and got the other two chairs.

It was a nice workout.  I was sweating by the time I got back and SM was up drinking a cuppa Joe.

"I've got an early Christmas present for you."  I crowed.

"Did you find a cat?"  SM asked.  (Geez...We really need to get him a cat.)

"No."  I said, walking through the house to the backyard where I tossed the stuff over the fence.  "Come out here and see what I've got."

It was still dark out as I hauled the patio set to the back porch.

"Look what I found."

"Somebody was throwing that away?"  SM asked.

"Well, it was curbside.  That seems to be the universal signal for come and get it."

"Seems in decent shape.  We can sand off the rust and repaint it."  SM said echoing my thoughts.

"I can get some cushions from Ikea for it."  I continued.  "And then...TaDa!  Patio Furniture!"

Just like that.  Rich mans trash is my treasure. 

I think I'll put this set under the maple tree.  It's a wonderfully cool spot to hang out at on a hot Summer day.

And just in case you were wondering, I did pass on the vacuum cleaner.

I do have my standards, you know.  @;)


  1. That is a lovely set. I love seeing people rescue good usable items from the curb. I walk every morning and my husband never knows what to expect me to drag home. I think almost every plant pot I have has been rescued from curbside along with various patio chairs.

  2. Score! Can't wait to see it all done up.

  3. Thank goodness you came along when you did. Otherwise, the trash truck may have taken it to the landfill. I'm a treasure rescuer as well. Congrats on your score!

  4. Geez, Tami, those pieces look very well made and . . . heavy! Can't believe you hefted that loveseat back home the way you did. Guess your morning walk chalked up more exercise (weight bearing?) than you expected. Good score!

  5. Isn't it amazing what people will throw out? That is one amazing find! I wouldn't find anything like that, walking the dogs out here.

  6. Excellent score! We have a "rich" area here too, and it amazes me what ends up curbside.


  7. Excellent finds! So instead of adding to a landfill that furniture will live on.

    We collect other people's trash too. For all sorts of things.