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Saturday, December 20, 2014

What's Wrong Pudding Pop?

I've been really busy at work lately.  Sometimes, so busy that the only time I get to see SM is for my goodbye smooch.

The other day I came home to the puppies dancing enthusiastically at my feet, humming various tunes of welcome and saw SM horizontal in his recliner lying there like a slug.

Uh Oh.

"Hey...Are you sick?"  Placing my hand on his forehead in search of fever.

"No."  SM said looking up at me with that sad hang-dog expression.

"Well, good!" I said and kissed him where I'd placed my hand seconds before.

I went about my business of divesting myself from worker-bee mode passing SM several times noting his "blue" mood. 

Finally, I sat down beside him and asked "So how was your day?" to which all I got was a shrug.

"Did you get some exercise?"
"Did you work in the garage?"  (He's building shelving out there.)
"So kind of a do-nothing day today huh?" I laughed and stood up.

"You know you do this every year?" I pointed out.
"What?" SM asked startled. 

"Get all excited for Christmas around September and once Christmas actually rolls around you get all blue because business dries up and nobody's calling and you're bored and worried about cash flow and then you poke around the house all bummed out."
"I do?"
"Yeah, every year.  You're very predictable you know."
"Well...I'm worried about money."  SM said defensively.  The Nissan died last week and is getting a new transmission.  Can anybody say Ka-Ching?

"Oh please!  You know it's come and go this time of the year.  So it's a dry month.  So what!  Take it out of savings.  Next month will be better.  You know it's true."

And so it is. 
SM woke up the next day in a much better mood.
And the Universe responded with a job for him in Spartenburg.

Thank Goodness!!!  A blue, mopey SM makes for a very irritable Tami.

Hey...At least I didn't have to go all Cher on his ass.

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  1. No question about the fact that moods this time of year are rampant and all over the place. Makes things a lot easier when we can read our partners' moods and therefore not get into one ourselves! (I was struck again yesterday that it sure is fortunate that both of us in our relationship don't go "down for the count" at the same time!) ;o]