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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Freaken Brrr...

Yowza...It's cold outside!!!

11 Freaken degrees and the wind chill is at 5.  

My first thought is that "This is not why we moved South" and then I looked up the current temps of where we used to live in Ohio.

Ooooo... -5 and it feels like -22.

Well then!  I guess I'll be grateful for the sub tropical temperatures we have right now.  I won't be walking in this.  (So sorry, FitBit.)

And I must say the dogs hustled to do their business this morning.

I would too if I had to go out there.  Thank you modern plumbing!

I hope you and your pipes are all surviving this cold snap as well!


  1. My thoughts exactly. It's now 3 degress outside, high of 25 today. Cold is relative though, you know.

  2. That's our current temp too and I know by sunrise, when I head out to feed the critters, it will be colder! Funny thing about the concept of the South. Why do folks think it never gets cold here!?!?!?!

  3. You could cut and paste pictures of my dogs in that photograph! It IS freakin' cold! The only ones not seeming to mind are the sheep and llama for obvious reasons.

  4. Y'all have to shake your heads in wonder at me . . . I'm one of those people who always assumes it DOESN'T get cold in the South! (I'm blaming my geography teacher in the 5th grade for not teaching us about different climates!) But as Carolyn says, cold is relative. Our last three mornings have been -21.1, -15.7 and a balmy -13.7 this morning. No wind today, but winds and terrible wind chills the two days before that. Schools were cancelled yesterday because of it. Cold may be relative, but it's also darn COLD wherever you are! :o}

  5. Oh c'mon now. You KNOW you miss lake effect snow here in NE Ohio. Doncha? We're getting white outs from snow bands right now as I type. Yowza. You have wind chill of only -5? Break out the short--sleeve parkas. LOL Seriously, I don't think anyone north of Mexico is missing out on this latest polar plunge. Bundle up, gal. It's gonna be a bumpy ride. (Kids loving the back-2-back snow days here. Parents? Not so much...)

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