"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Real World

I went out for my morning walk-about the other day and saw Mr Joe, my 75 yo walking buddy.

"Welcome back to the real world."  He called out laughing into the 25 degree pitch black morning.

Amen, Brother.  Never have truer words been spoken.  We've been back less than a week and it seems like a dream.

We had a wonderful break while we relaxed in South Florida last week.  SM went golfing with Ronnie and Connie while I sat in the shade by the pool reading a good book.  

Yes, I said shade!  It was close to 80 everyday we were there and we all know that I just don't handle full sunshine the way I used too.

With no dogs to walk, I would wake up at 4 am and roll over, sleeping in till 7.
We sat around sucking on caffene till 10 every morning then went out for a walk in shorts and tees sweating slightly as the ever constant Florida breeze cooled us off.

Evenings found us gathering together for Happy Hour.  Ron introduced us to Bang Bang Shrimp night at Bonefish Grill where the wine was $3 for a glass and the Bang Bang Shrimp was $6 for a pile of lip smacking goodness.


Another night found us sitting out at World Of Beer with a sweet little 20 something telling us that "It's cold out tonight."  It was 75.  After quizzing her we discovered that she'd never been north of Orlando.  "I've never even seen snow.  Except on TV." She pouted.

Boo Hoo.

I must admit that I can understand the appeal of South Florida in the Winter time.  I generally dislike Florida as a rule.  But I found myself checking out the timeshare weeks that were available at the condo where Ronnie and Connie have spent Januarys for the past twenty years.  They started buying timeshare weeks when they were our age and have built up to 5 weeks now.  Their condo is steps away from Fort Myers beach and watching the sunset is a favorite thing to do.

"I could get used to this." I told SM as we watched the sunset one evening.

Fast forward to the real world, Tami.  Back on the chain gang....




  1. Glad you had a relaxing time and the weather here cooperated. Big K and I are thinking about building a tiny home here to spend some of the winters after we move to NC. Best of both worlds! Stay toasty!

  2. Ah, yes, the draw of sunshine and nice, warm weather. I would be bored out of my gourd. Of course, I am definitely NOT a hot weather person - yet, I am less of a cold weather person nowadays. Cripes. Is there such a place as mid-weather? I bet the pups were glad to see you.... :)

  3. Hey ~ what's not to like about Florida!? Our killer summer temps? Humidity? King size mosquitoes? Maybe it’s all our gators or snakes? Hurricanes? Endless flat land? Can’t be the people . . . LOL. As a fourth generation Floridian, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. And I have even seen snow – no thank you. Anything under 60 is too cold in my book. LOL

    Well, at least I’m one less Floridian looking to call NC home (I have a brother who’s already done that). :-)