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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gray And Fluffy

Last month I took a picture of the sunrise on New Years day which is being used as the Header Photo for the blog.  Here is what it looks like today.

Gray and Fluffy...Kinda like me. (Ha!)

Since time is fleeting and memory short, I thought is might be interesting to document the sunrise each month and note the changes as the year goes by.  

I'll try and do this the first day of each month.  Should be interesting...

I also thought I'd post my own Fitbit "sunrise" data each month as a motivator.  After 1 month, I've lost 7 pounds and walked 143 miles.  I didn't wear the Fitbit on vacation so I'm sure my mileage totals are actually a bit higher.

As anyone who has ever tried to loose weight will tell you, the first 7-10 lbs shed off pretty easy.  Now comes the hard part.  It took me 4 years to pack on "The Menopausal Thirty".  I'd like to take it off faster than that but since I hate dieting, I'll be glad with anything I can get.  My overall goal is set at 170 lbs.  I actually shot up to 195 over Christmas.  (Oh, The Horror) 

I also thought I'd see what the measuring tape tells me.  I pretty much lost an inch all the way around so it's not my imagination that my clothes are not as tight as they were. 

Sorry for such a boring post but this blog is also a diary of sorts so I like to hold my feet to fire by writing it down.



  1. Happy for your lost.
    Please don't be discouraged when plateau. It will eventually go down.
    Love you progress!

  2. Definitely not a boring post...could be motivating. I would like to walk off 10 pounds and this post about your progress is good.

  3. Good work! Yes, I need motivation too. My clothes are a little tight and I need to fit into my "interview suit" so I can find a new job. It's just that I find this time of year so depressing. I like to cook and being home right now, I've been cooking (and eating) more than I should. Other than the walking, have you been doing anything new to lose weight?

  4. Absolutely not boring. It's motivating to see how another person is losing weight, shaping up, etc. Those 7 pounds in one month sound like a healthy, sensible loss that will stay lost! I'm finding it really hard this winter to get the exercise I thought I would. We love to snowshoe and X-country ski but there's hardly been enough snow for that. Plus a LOT of gray, unmotivating weather. (I know, put on my big girl [insulated] panties and ignore it.) Plus temps that keep plummeting into the down right uncomfortable-to-be-ou-int range. Oh, whine, whine, whine! Bottom line: You'll be a good example for me if you keep up with these "boring" (not) posts!

  5. Good for you! It's SO much easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. Wanna send some inspiration over my way?

  6. Love your motivation. I need someone to kick start me, I just keep procrastinating.

  7. I to love your motivation. And you lost 7 lbs...way to go! It inspires me to get moving too. Keep up the "boring" posts because I love them!