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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jiggling Eyeball Syndrome

My typical morning starts around 4ish with me sucking on some Mt Dew (caffeine) and a troll through the internet for about a 1/2 hour.

I usually hit Intellicast first to see how to gear up for the morning walk.  It's raining this morning (sigh) so I got up and stuck some towels in the washer.

Since I'm still not awake I figured I'd waste some time on Yahoo, my usual site for "News". 

I use finger quotes for that because the word "News" is an oxymoron anymore.  


You can't be called "News" if the Kardashians are in the first few articles.  
Yahoo always has Kardashian news.  
Like I care.  
But I digress.

Anyhow I click over to Yahoo and discover some weird, foreign website.  I mean the entire page composition has changed.  It doesn't even say Yahoo at the top anymore it just has a modified Y symbol.

Fine, I tell myself.  MSN and USA Today have also changed their format over the years.  I stopped going to their sites because I felt I had to click through eighteen different stops just to get where I wanted to be.

So Yahoo became my "go-to" site for news.  I got used to the strip of tiles trolling by offering me up to a hundred different articles that might catch my attention and my click.

I've heard about the importance of the click.  
But do you have to make it so hard for me to find something interesting to click onto?  There's so much garbage on the page jockeying for my attention that I've got jiggling eyeball syndrome. 

We gave up buying newspapers ten years or so ago in favor of our electronic options.  Maybe I'm getting old but I can't keep up.  It's just too much sensory overload.

 Image result for reading newspaper

So goodbye Yahoo.  Hello Google News.  At least your page is more orderly.

Where do you all shop for news?


  1. I used to start my mornings by scanning the headlines at CNN.com. Then recently they reformatted it to look like a tabloid. I use Googe News too now.

  2. I'm still old school. I get the paper for three things: the comics, the food flyers on Wednesday and the coupons which basically cover the cost of the paper. I skim through the rest of the paper and then it's fodder for the fireplace. I never read the sports section.

  3. There is no real news anymore. It's all skewed to only what the powers-that-be want us to hear. Way too much sensationalism. I checked out a while ago because of "celebrities" (a bad word in my book for the most part) seem to get top billing. The other stuff either made my stomach churn or gave me a headache. Hubby stays on top of it by reading a couple of his favorite sites and skimming a couple of newspapers online so I'm not totally ignorant of what's going on.

    They say no one likes change even when it's an improvement. (We're more comfortable in our little ruts. ;o] ) But I'm totally with you when it comes to navigating on the computer. I just get something figured out, which often takes me a while, and then they change it. Or it becomes obsolete. Jiggling eyeballs, for sure!

  4. Well, our "news" outlets aren't mainstream & most people would call it "conspiracy crap", but at least it's not CNN or Fox "Approved" so it means it's different. As for all the crap and celebrity information, I can't stand it. I mean, this is "NEWS"? Like you said, I have to scroll through ten pages of Jenner or Kardashians or the next TV show before I can find anything even remotely important....and it's usually one sided.

  5. We get the New York Times in paper only on Sunday. Reading it takes all day but it is wonderful. With that sub you get online access to the Times. That is my go to for daily news. A liberal bias, yes, but their reporting is indepth and thoughtful. And the online news is by sections just like the paper. Don't want the celebs - don't look at the Arts and Leisure section. But if you want to know what is going on in the world and here at home the NYT is the best.

  6. You always find the perfect way to describe something! I don't subscribe to any newspapers (NYT Sunday paper once a month - it's too expensive otherwise). I listen to the radio in the morning - too depressing, so I limit my access. If I do feel the need to access 'news', I use Google, too.

  7. Nothing beats reading a "real" newspaper every morning with my coffee. But, I also enjoy reading USA Today on the computer. And then, there is always "The Onion"!